I’m reading Marc Bekoffs book of essays and it was pretty good until i got to the zoos and aquariums section and now its just hilarious


Experts say a giant panda previously thought to be pregnant may have been more focused on food than giving birth.

“[pregnant pandas] receive more buns, fruits and bamboo, so some have used this to their advantage to improve their quality of life”

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tips for new freshmen!

  • no one cares about anything
  • walk on the right side of the fucking hallway 
  • dont sit in the back of the bus you gotta earn that. maybe next year, champ.
  • stop screaming. we’re all tired and miserable. 

how much of an ass move is it to back out of a homecoming date


How Anna Gunn’s Performance as Skyler White Changed Television

"Gunn’s performance was not that of an action heroine or a television genius, and it was not meant to be. Skyler carries the weight of Walt’s actions. Plenty of people hated her for it, Walt sometimes included. But Gunn’s performance pushed both Walt and the people who wanted to see him as a hero to increasingly contrived and ludicrous justifications for treating Skyler like she was a worse person than Walt.

"Gunn’s drawn face in the last two seasons of Breaking Bad might not have brought about the end of the anti-hero era in television. But Gunn’s performance marked the end of a time when the creators of such shows could get away with writing anti-heroes’ wives as flat, cartoonish characters, or when audiences could get away with worshiping difficult men without encountering strong opposition.”

– Alyssa Rosenberg, The Washington Post

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ENFP all the way lol


summary of scott summers’ life

i feel like im dying must be allergy season again


"bisexuals are just being greedy"

This statement is correct.  I want all the donuts to myself.  No sharon you can’t have a donut.  Yes, I know there are 24 donuts.  Yes, I want them all for myself.  Fuck off sharon.

all the dino series are never more than 6 episodes long why

my aunt brought her foster puppy over and after about 10 minutes it decided that im her favorite lap to sit on and my aunt was like “wow she sure likes emilie”

and my mom just kinda sighed and said “they all do”

[hums avenue q theme] what do you do with a homecoming date you don’t really want


my relationship with dw is weird, i don’t want to care but i feel sad that i don’t care, i say i don’t care but deep down i still care??? i don’t even know